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Premium UTV brands are a dime a dozen these days, brands such as Polaris and Yamaha have some pretty killer offerings on the market. Though is it worth getting it over a used side by side UTV?

The square headlights, the distinctive grille with vertical slats, and that front bumper are all classic Hummer design language traits. The Warrior even comes with a camo paint job alongside bronze wheels and a roll cage to further pay tribute to its military-inspired aesthetics.

This Massimo UTV is also vastly more practical than most of its competitors out there, new or used. Around the rear, you get a hydraulic dump bed that goods for a max load capacity of lbs, an amenity most premium manufacturers love to charge extra for. On the roof is a storage rack that probably good for storing another couple hundred pounds worth of goodies in. So nothing goes flying off even when you are. The spare parts and labor are going to be anything but cheap.

The Massimo Warrior comes equipped with a liquid-cooled cc electric fuel-injected four-stroke 1-cylinder engine that pushes out a respectable 34 ponies. This Massimotors UTV is still good for around 35mph on tarmac or gravel and has a towing capacity of up to lbs. There might be areas where this Massimo Motors side by side UTV might begin to struggle, but with enough persuasion from your right foot and it should be just fine.

You get three individual bucket seats that have plenty of side bolstering to keep you from sliding about mid-corner. There are even three seatbelts, however, the middle seat only gets a lap belt.

Massimo MSU-700 EFI UTV

The lack of cupholders is also another drawback alongside no grab handles for any of your passengers. Not deal-breakers by any means, but something worth mentioning. These features include a standard front winch, side mirrors, turn signals, locking differential, locking glovebox, 12V power sockets and a couple of USB ports.

All good stuff to have, though one gapping omission is a hardtop roof. So come rain this Massimo motors side by side UTV is going to be staying indoors. When it comes to tackling the rough stuff, the Massimo Warrior comes prepared with its huge chunky off-road tires, selected 4WD, locking differential and hydraulic slotted and ventilated disc brakes all around. You even get steel front and rear A-Arm guards that provide plenty of suspension travel when your pathway is met with large rocks and deep potholes.

If you do get stuck the standard front winch is rated for up to lbs, so it should have no problem pulling itself or anyone else from muddy fields and up steep inclines. A used side by side UTV in comparison could fair better or worse depending on which model you pick up. Even if you do find something with a bit more power, be prepared to spend quite a bit more on changing outs it destroyed tires for new ones among other maintenance items.

Ample power, 14 inches of ground clearance and a plethora of other off-roading equipment makes the Warrior a great choice for everyday chores or your next off-roading expedition. In many cases, it can be better to go used rather than new. You tend to get more for your money and usually end up with just as good of a product.

A six month old floor model and a three year old hard used side by side have not taken the same abuse.

Take all factors into consideration when making your best decision. Better Idea? Massimo Warrior The square headlights, the distinctive grille with vertical slats, and that front bumper are all classic Hummer design language traits.

Off-Road Capabilities When it comes to tackling the rough stuff, the Massimo Warrior comes prepared with its huge chunky off-road tires, selected 4WD, locking differential and hydraulic slotted and ventilated disc brakes all around. Conclusion In many cases, it can be better to go used rather than new.Not that long ago the sinister symphonies of combustion from our traditional gasoline-powered vehicles echoed throughout the roads and countryside.

Well, sadly those days might soon be a thing of the past. We must slowly say goodbye to our gasoline mud trekking brutes as the age of electrification ushers in and replaces fossil fuels altogether. Not only can you continue with your adrenaline-fueled expeditions, but now all the trees and wildlife will smile at you as scamper past, emitting no toxic fumes whatsoever.

Which one do you ask? So we expect nothing different from their electric lineup.

massimo utv roof

Unlike traditional car manufacturers that adorn their vehicles with all manner of quirky styling. There are absolutely no visual clues on its exterior that would give away its electric beating heart underneath. This electric golf UTV also goes pretty conservative with its styling, as its nowhere near as aggressive as some of Massimo motors other offerings.

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However, it does still maintain the classic Massimo UTV design aesthetic with a squared-off front end, circular LED headlights and a front crash guard. If you opt for the Massimo Buck 60E Golf variant you get a rear-facing bench seat.

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While the standard version Massimo Buck 60 gets a pretty spacious and practical dump-bed. Of the two models, the Massimo Buck 60E Golf version offers the most flexibility. As not only does the rear bench mean you can transport more people, but it can even be folded down. So it becomes a sort of makeshift bed for hauling stuff around. Massimo has even lined the back with diamond steel plating, so nothing gets scratched even when your lumbering around heaps of firewood or camping supplies.

So if it does start pouring, your going to be hearing some particularly unpleasant words from your backseat passengers. Oh well, maybe next time! Since this is an EV instead, you get a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels. This particular motor is rated for a continuous power output of 4KW and is powered by a total of 5 batteries. Massimo motors claim the max driving range is around 50 miles 80km.

massimo utv roof

Once you are out of juice, it takes between hours to charge the thing. So get ready for some serious range anxiety the next time you wander off too far off the beaten path. So when you do decide to give the Massimo Buck 60 the gas, it takes off like a cheetah. That sort of acceleration is sure to provide some serious smiles per mile the next time you get a bit too overzealous with the throttle mid-corner.

Everything is pretty utilitarian but with an air of quality and robustness to it. The steering wheel and gear shifter are right next to each other and directly in front of the driver, so the driving position is actually pretty comfortable. You even get a dash of practicality with two cup holders, a 12V power socket and a small slot in the dashboard to store stuff.

However, most of that space is taken by the electric charging cable, which now that we mention it, is way way too short. So at least its easily accessible. Though it is a neat touch, especially since the dial goes all the way up to 12, rpm.What is a Massimo UTV? Well UTV is Short for utility terrain vehicle.

And this vehicle can be functional and purpose-driven tool that can help you in any of your day to day activities. Well th en, the sheer variety of choice can be a little daunting, to say the least. From the critically acclaimed Massimo motors comes the T-Boss If you shop around a bit, you will find that this little monster offers many options that other competitors charge extra for.

Example, the Kawasaki Mule SX, if you would like a windshield, roof, side mirrors, or a front winch these are all options, compared to standard equipment for this Massimo UTV. You might just call it a bargain. Around the front, you get a familiar squared-off face with circular LED headlights and a distinctive flat front.

Around the rear you get a fairly spacious dump bed as well, making it as practical as it is funky. The optional bench seating is available for the T-Bossat an additional cost. Speaking of rain this Massimo UTV comes with a windshield and full door netting as standard. It does do a pretty good job of distinguishing itself from its sea of rivals.

The T-Boss is available in many colors. At an affordable price you get so much more. Winch, windshield, roofand hydraulic assist dump bed are all standard equipment. Every challenge form muddy roads to pulling a boat on trailer out water have been accomplished without problem without difficulty.

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I highly recommend this machine. Powering this Massimo side by side is an electronic fuel-injected cc 1-cy linder liquid-cooled four-stroke engine that produces a very respectable While that may not sound like a massive amount of powerit only weighs in at lbs.

It should provide pretty brisk acceleration all the way up to its claimed top speed of 36mphwhether that be on gravel or tarmac.

If you are hankering after a three-seater version, Massimo motors also produce another UTV called the Massimo Warrior. The T-Boss onl y comes with an automatic CVT transmission with low and high gears in addition to neutral and reverse. While some may despair at the thought of not being able to row through their own gears. This gearbox is more than up to the task of whatever Sunday adven tures you might have planned. Both the front and rear get hydraulic disk brakes with drilled rotors.

Meaning they should be able to withstand quite a bit of punishment before they begin to fade. Questions Answered From Amazon Customers. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to certain states due to specific regulations in that state. All the buttons and switchgear are easy to reach and large enough to operate with even the thickest of mittens.

The steering wheel is a nice shape and is accompanied by a digital dash cluster. The gear lever also looks like it came off a Willys Jeep from the s, a minor nitpick for sure but one we felt compelled to mention.

It is right next to the steering however and at the same height so that should make for some quick shifting while maneuvering yourself through tight spaces. The company also offers quite a vast array of accessories to spruce up your Massimo UTV.

So, you can drive even faster and harder up gruesome tracks and enjoy a refreshing beverage when you arrive. One is 60 inches wide and the other 70 inches. It should make quick work of any pesky snow you might have on your driveway or roads.

This gets you weatherproof nylon doors that should keep all you warm and dry even under the most torrential of downpours. The fully-independent front and rear suspension, the chunky tires, inch ground clearance and the short wheelbase are enough of an indication that this Massimo UTV is no slouch when the going starts to get a little hairy.

The manual steering sends a great deal of feedback through the wheel, so you always know where the wheels are pointed and how much grip they have.Posted by thomas Mar 22, LeisureProduct reviews 0. Are you thinking about getting a Massimo UTV? Do you want to ensure that you choose the right vehicle for your farm or ranch? Then, this post is just for you as it provides you with the ultimate Massimo UTV review. Now, it is important for you to keep in mind that Massimo is not your average manufacturer as it offers a wide variety of vehicles that can be used for different tasks.

If you want to choose the best vehicle for your ranch, then, there is no better vehicle than the Massimo T-Boss The Massimo T-Boss is the ideal tool for your farm or ranch. The compact UTV has on demand 4 wheel drive. It comes with the best equipment packages out there including aluminum alloy wheels, mirrors, full hard top, and a full vented windshield.

It is just the vehicle you need in your life. Besides, when you purchase the Massimo T-Bossyou also benefit from a one year manufacturer warranty. It does not get better than this. The Massimo T-Boss is a powerful vehicle that can tow up to 1, lbs. The compact design of the vehicle makes it extremely comfortable for everyone.

Take this hot ride for a spin and find out just what it can do for you. Moreover, it also has automatic CVT transmission. If you want to ensure that the vehicle is made for the farm life, then, you need to look no further because the Massimo T-Boss is built for the ranch. Massimo is a name that boasts some of the best vehicles for the farm. Since the Massimo T-Boss is made for the ranch, you will have an easy time using it for just about all of the tasks.

With the Massimo T-Bossyou can expect to get things done.We pointed out that the machine was quite unique as far as machinery sourced from China goes, since it had a very different look. Most offerings from the region have a strong Yamaha Rhino resemblance. While the Warrior broke that mold, the Massimo T-Boss sibling is vastly conventional in look and design. It breaks no new ground and for good reason closely imitates the original Yamaha Rhino plan. It has a single-cylinder engine, CVT transmission, selectable 4WD with diff-lock and a compact dump bed.

Where it shines is in superior levels of standard equipment while delivering competent performance at a stunning price.

Fun & Affordable Electric UTV~Massimo Buck 60 & Buck 60E Golf

Massimo did its own engineering. Numbers like that are no handicap for a utility machine or for a casual recreation ride. We found that we were not happy on trails with aggressive cambers and wide ruts to deal with. Trails that are plenty wide for a inch car are like a freeway for the T-Boss. It is fully at home on narrow routes, though it will not fit on inch trails. At pounds, it does meet weight-restricted guidelines.

Narrow cars rarely have big travel numbers, and that is the case here. Both the front and rear suspension are conventional independent A-arm designs.

All four shocks are robust in construction but are only preload-adjustable. Suspension travel is a modest 7 inches. It has four hydraulic disc brakes for the four wheels and a cable-operated parking brake.

Why are UTVs so loud?

Tires are inch Duros mounted on inch cast-aluminum wheels. The front differential locks, and you may select two-wheel drive if you wish.

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The steering is manual, but with such a light machine and relatively small tires, it works well. The wheel tilts, but there is not enough seat adjustment to worry about the wheel telescoping. When the seat is all the way back, our taller drivers wished for a little more legroom, though we had folks 6-foot-1 that drove the machine. We never had the cc engine put a foot wrong during our test.

Massimo Motor Sports, LLC

It always started and ran cleanly with controllable response to throttle inputs. There is no park in the transmission, so you must use the dash-mounted e-brake.

Massimo claims 33 horsepower for the liquid-cooled single. Shifting is easy and reliable, but we did find the gearing in both low and high range to be on the tall side. We found that the CVT reacts very smoothly in forward or reverse. Engine braking drops away with the rpm. It, obviously, happens earlier in high range.

The engine braking is more consistent in low range, but it eventually drops out if you coast off-throttle long enough. Compared to the Warriorthe T-Boss interior is a little more deluxe in appointments.This is one of the powerful UTV whose towing capacity is lbs. The overall size of T-Boss is The warranty of this UTV is 12 months and available in various colors.

The horsepower of T-Boss is Warrior uses an cc, V-twin four-stroke with four valves per cylinder. This UTV is fuel injected with a single throttle body feeding both cylinders and puts out 60 horsepower. Warrior can carry three people all in the front row. The size of Warrior is This UTV also comes with optional snow tracks. Warrior is built to work in the toughest conditions all year round. Its time to indulge in some fun with MSU which is a four-seater UTV and equipped with a tilting bed, aluminum wheels, hitch, and electric winch.

When it comes to durability, this is one of the best off-road vehicle that comes standard with 4wd. Take your riding experience to the next level with MSU The MSU series is powered by a powerful cc V-Twin engine generating 60HP hence you can take on the toughest tasks at the ranch or on the trails without facing any trouble. Warrior UTV is a value-priced machine that is completely different from others.

The Warrior has an all-steel body built on the sporty, with independent front and rear suspension using piggyback reservoir shocks. A cc, single-cylinder, single overhead cam, the four-valve engine provides 34 horsepower. The dry weight of Warrior is lbs and size is in x 65 in x 82 in. The MSU can carry 4 full-sized adults comfortably and in style.

If you are willing to purchase this item then come to SCAutosports and grab the deal before it gets late. The fuel tank capacity of MSU is 7.

The overall size of Alli is The fuel capacity of this off-road vehicle is 7. The front and rear braking system of Alli is Dual Ventilated Hydraulic disc. Its engine is one cylinder, four-stroke, and liquid-cooled. The MSU is a workhorse that is specially made for any farm or property owner.Customer Service.

Call Us: My Account Sign In. Welcome Back! My Account Sign Out. Side by Side Stuff loves seeing brands rise up in the industry and we are excited to offer several different Massimo UTV parts and accessories to this little Texan.

Giving you a wide variety of products to choose from, you will find everything you need for your new side by side, including Massimo wheels and tires to lights and mounts.

massimo utv roof

We know this is a great American made machine and that you take pride in your ride, so we want it to be the best that it can be. To be the best, you have to have the best! Add safety with a PRP harnessimprove your control with new tires, deck your side by side out with all the bells and whistles that will make it run great and look even better. If you don't find the Massimo parts and accessories that you are looking for, don't give up now, we are just a phone call away and our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

Mold your machine to be the beast in the woods or a helping hand on the farm. Take advantage of our free shipping and shared shipping program by checking out our other great parts and accessories for your Massimo UTV. Windshields Roofs Body. Cab Enclosure Heaters. Plows Implements. Wheels and Tires. Winches Hitches. Drivetrain Steering Wheel Spacers. Storage Racks Hunting. Doors Cages. Stereos Speakers Audio Systems. Street Legal D. T Approval Stuff. Maintenance Rebuild.

Lights Mounts.


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